I've been using Livejournal in some capacity since the year 2002.

If you're a long lost friend, please leave a comment so we can get back in touch.

I may or may not be updating this in the future, but I use other forms of modern social media and I'd like us to find each other again.
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Butbut, what if I'm already on your friendslist yet I have a sexual affinity for babies? ;___;
Then don't mark them up too high so I can afford a couple for private use exhibition and food
OK SO SOMETIMES I LOVE STALKING YOUR CRACK FILLED ENTRIES. Add me? I have cool points plus I'm totally rad~
*smells booklet* It smells like.. like.. rain. D:

...I was going to add you back anyways but. Oh my god. That is so beautiful I just had to let you know. DSGPJS; XD *ADDED*
Re: yoroshiku ne~
Friend me first, and I'll be happy too. :D

P.S. You're fangirling Tsubasa, Tego, AND Aiba? Shiiiiit boiiiii I need you on my F-List. Aiba and Tego are adorable. XD
I was googling around for things on the internet, and I was linked to here. Your interests are wicked funny/cool, and I love your username, so if you don't mind, can I add you?

I swear, I no longer cook, rape, or torture babies. :D
Ahahah, sure! ♥ A male T&T fan? Too awesome for words. If Tsubasa ever has that all-male concert he's always been talking about you'll have to help sneak me in somehow. ;D

I gave up that habit a long time ago, too. It's only periodically now when I can come across suitable baby specimens. :O

- poppin and lockin For this ALONE I would add you. XDDDD

Adddeeeedddd. ♥
i am fan T&T
i love tsuba
I love tackey
I love T&T *-*

add me pleaseeeeee =)
Re: hello
Add me first, then I'll add you back. :3

I must warn you though, my spanish is not very good, but I'll certainly try to comment your entries in spanish (it'll help me practice? :D)
I saw you over at lj_biz and made a stupid comment about one of you icons... but you are so effing cool... I wanna be added. :D Plz? ^_^

I didn't get into Japanese culture through anime either. I thought I was the only one... until I saw your post up above! - Cries tears of joy. -
I saw you over at jdramas kindly offering to upload the Neverland raw, and I jumped over to this journal and your interests cracked me up. xD So I figured I'd friend you, if that's cool. :D
hi... i saw @ jdramas that u were going to upload neverland so i came to check ur lj to could you please kindly add me? THANKS SO MUCH!!
Kaskldjasd, I think I have to add you. I see you around everywhere plus you seem really cool. I hope you don't mind. :3

♥ :D
ヾ(≧∇≦)〃 ← That one's cuter!! hahaha.

DIES fine. added. ou gadddddddd

Found your LJ via Bonnie's blog and would like to add you - I still need some more T&T fangirling on my f-list.
Hello! ♥ Hahaha well honestly like, 99% of my journal is basically me talking about my real life and the fobby asian guys I chill with, but if you still want to be added, sure!
basically because you are all over the place like a Ryo-ninja and you make me laugh. :D In a good way.
ROFL sdfksjafakl ryo-ninja. I think that is possibly the best comparison that has ever been made about me, ever. I will treasure it for the rest of my life. ♥

And DSFSPJFOSAFAOS you have ijackdoff2bib4u pimped in your profile, I thought I recognized you! diesssssssss added instantly. ♥
Um. Um. Miss Shelby, I know you don't know who this is right now, but it would mean very very much if you could add this journal. Thank you very much. ♥
Talked to Kate (ohfetus) about you, went to look and saw you're a txt fan. Which makes you automatically awesome.
Ou gad, knowing Kate it was probably something really terrible. IF IT WAS, COMPLETELY IGNORE IT SHE IS A LIAR. ♥ I would have added you anyways because I've seen you around before but - Moriyama Naotaro and KK fan? I. You. No words, no words. Instantly added for fantastic taste. ♥
hello, i added you because you're interesting. i'm also a TxT fan...but basically, i love them all

I'm adding you to my friends list, k? I've been over here a few times, but it's friends only =P can you add me too?? onigai ^_^

Sarah Ann
hi, i wanted to ask you something concerning domoto_kyoudai. if you could give me your email address or email me at crystallekil [at] agirlcalledkil [dot] com i would greatly appreciate it. thank you~

you can delete this comment if you want. it's not applicable to your post, but i didn't know any other way to get a hold of you or your co-mod.
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