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Stargazer Lily

turning her face to the moon since 2002

A relic from a more ancient Livejournal time, aging like a fine wine.
"...opportunity?!?", "baby wanna getta wheelchair?", "mysterious air about him", "so big fireworks", && is stupid, ♥ :(|) ♥, (ZEBRA), :3D, all your faruto, amaretto, america is fucking crazy, astronomy, astrophysics, awful jokes, being the token american, best ricefield of all!!, bill cosby sweaters, black men, captain morgan's, carl sagan, ck one, clubbox never works, colberain, crazy foreign bitches, daesu/octopus, darwinian theory, dating asshole korean guys, dbags, dinosaurs, disaronno, engrish, evodevo, evolutionary biology, exchange student stories, fashionable asian men, fighting on the internet, game theory, genetics, getting packages, gmail - inbox (1), goong, i love you/shit!, jain/pyramid head, japanese boy accents, kim-jong-il dancing like carlton, kizuna ot3, korean drinking parties, leo buscaglia, lightning dick, midori melon, notoriety, ou gad, parasaurolophus, portal, predictable drama endings, quantum mechanics, reading science books, richard dawkins, saying oooosaka is awkward, science, slash pairings aren't real, star-gazing, stoli and oj, teaching esl, the large hadron collider, theoretical physics, tragic love stories, trilingual sex, vanilla stolichnaya, velociraptors, weighted companion cube, █♥█